Can we use scheduler with virtual calendar

I am trying to get started with scheduler using this link: Scheduler Quickstart

In the html we need to replace access token, can we use the access token of the virtual calendar here?

Hi @krutd33, thanks for your message :slight_smile:

If the docs, we note that Scheduler supports virtual calendars :+1:

Thanks Ram,
I have another question, I have created a scheduler for my virtual calendar. I am taking reference from this YT video Nylas Scheduler. So here, how can we create a screen for the owner of the virtual calendar to see which slots have been filled up by the user, and maybe see the name and email of the user who signed up for the event?

So our virtual calendars can be accessed through the Nylas Calendar APIs and we cover how to access virtual calendar events in this stream on virtual calendars. I would consider dropping the calendar events in a calendar UI, I’ve used something like react-big-calendar in past blog posts to do similar.

Just to clarify, are you looking for an existing UI like the scheduler UI to present virtual calendar entries? This is not something we have at the moment, let me know if that makes sense.

PS - Also, sharing additional context, just want to ensure we are on the same page, I see the original link shared, Scheduler Quickstart, is for the Scheduler v2. This will not be compatable with the latest version of our API (we recently launched API v3). So we are working on launching Scheduler v3 at the moment.

Thanks Ram, I have got my answer. As you suggested to present the virtual calendar entries I will use react-big-calendar or similar other npm package. And again thanks a lot for providing the information with thorough details and context.

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