Issue Updating a draft in thread unlinks draft from thread


I’m having the following issue.

I’m using the node nylas sdk v 7.3.0.

Say I have an email thread.

I start a reply message by creating a draft and specifying the replyToMessageId.

This works fine - I logged into gmail and confirmed there is a new draft linked to the thread.

Once I go back to my application, and update this same draft* via nylas api, the draft becomes unlinked from the original thread.

It is not clear if the replyToMessageId needs to be included in the draft.update request. Regardless, I tried with/without and the unlinking still happens.

create draft transaction id:
update draft transaction id:


Hi @Zeal - thanks for posting your question!

So the replyToMessageId value (or reply_to_message_id ) is not persisting across multiple nylas.drafts.update calls. I was able to reproduce this, let me circle back after checking with our Eng team.

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Thank you.

Standing by.

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Also @Zeal - which provider are you using to create the draft? Google, Microsoft?

To create the draft I am using:

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Hi @Zeal - the eng team is taking a look, let me circle back as soon as I get any updates :+1:

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