Microsoft integration

I’m working on a Nylas integration with Microsoft, I haven’t had too many problems with Google.
Given the complexity of Microsoft integration, is it possible to use Nylas SSO in production and outsource authentication while still being able to customize the connection interface?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @princenocode - Nylas’ hosted authentication works for all providers so you should be okay for Microsoft once you’ve added the relevant connector details, you can only customize the interface via the dashboard:

Thanks @ram ,
But, how can I share it or integrate it into my website?

Have you had a chance to take a look at our Quickstart Guides that goes over Auth with Nylas.

Let me know if this helps :+1:

Thanks for you help, but, I’m going through the documentation but I don’t understand Hosted Authentication. I know it’s better to facilitate Nylas integration, but I don’t see how I can use it. Can I make an embed or get the public url or do I have to build the form myself, which I’ve done with Google but I think I can go faster using Hosted Auth.
The documentation isn’t very clear.
How can I open the authentication form to the public?

@princenocode we have all our quickstart guide code on Nylas Code Sample Repo. Here is the one for using our Email API with Node that shows how to implement hosted authentication.

Near the start of every quickstart guide, we share a working code repository to follow along, consider going through the quickstart guide for your specific use case and langauge with links:

Okay thanks @ram,
I thought that the Hosted Auth system allowed you to have a page that you could embed or publish externally as a sort of Stripe chekout.
But, it’s more complex for me to use the SDK unfortunately because I use a No-Code backend, but as I’ve already been able to do with Google,
I think I can find a solution to use Hosted Auth, because it simplifies several aspects.

And regarding Hosted Auth, are there any extra costs because we go through your servers, in the case of Microsoft for example.

@princenocode hosted auth is not an extra charge :slight_smile: