Nylas webhook: I can't receive events other than email.created

I want to distinguish: how to know what type of event is sent (like click, open, …)
I have fully registered the webhook but the event I receive is only message.create
I want to receive additional events like open or link click…

Hi @quan20112002 thanks for your message, we send different webhooks based on the type of event registered. So if you are looking for a webhook for messaging tracking, you will need to create a separate webhook for it.

Hi @ram
This is my webhook configuration on the local machine (local uses tunnel)
and I can’t receive events other than message.create
I need other events like open or link click
I don’t know if I have the wrong configuration

Let me take a look and circle back.

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Thank you very much. I hope to receive a response soon
This problem is blocking my tasks

Hello @quan20112002 I’m not sure which of our SDKs are using to build your application, but here’s a Ruby guide that might help you out How to create and read Google Webhooks using Ruby | Nylas basically, I setup Google Pub/Sub for message sync which while not mandatory, really helps with webhooks sync :wink:

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@quan20112002 can you confirm webhooks are registered?

Here is an example of a registered webhook (event.triggered):

Also what environment are you using the Sandbox or your own Connectors (i.e. Google, Microsoft)?