Present yourself 👋

I’m going to start, so I hope you all follow :grin:

I’m Blag aka Alvaro Tejada Galindo, Senior Developer Advocate @ Nylas.

Years in programming: More than 25 :nerd_face:

Programming languages I use at work: Python, Ruby, Kotlin, Java and R.

Favourite Programming Languages: Fortran, Ruby and R.

Type of Music: Punk :triumph:

Favourite bands: Sex Pistols, AFI, Public Image Limited, Pom Pom Squad and Dead Kennedys.

Funny fact about me: I have lived in Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, USA and Canada (Twice).

Tea drinker.

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Hi, I’m Amit, 22 year young student full of passion and joy.

Years in programming: 4 years and counting :muscle:

Favourite Programming Language: C++ and Javascript :heartpulse:

Favourite games: Assassin’s Creed 3, Far Cry 2, GTA IV, Life is Strange and Fortnite :video_game:

Movies/Shows I watch: Any animated movies/shows, Marvel movies and wrestling shows :film_projector:


Hi, I’m Ash! I lead the DevRel team at Nylas and am super stoked to get our developer forums going. We’re here for you!

In tech, I’m interested in Node.js and all things JavaScript.

For community stuff, I co-organize the Astoria Tech Meetup in Queens and co-host a podcast called I’d Rather Be Scripting.

For hobbies, I’m really into vinyl records and watches. Happy to be Discogs friends if that’s your thing.

For home life, we’re a Japanese-speaking household and my daughter just turned 7. My family has been in NYC for 9 years, and we’ve lived in a few places around Japan and in SF.