Nylas V3 and Bubble.io

Is anyone able to help guide me with setting Nylas V3 up on a bubble.io project. I built a crm and want users to be able to send and receive client emails on the website.

Hi @JaredPastor - thanks for dropping by :wave:

Let me circle back after I check if we have any resources re: integrating Nylas v3 & no-code platforms :+1:

Thank you very much. I am so excited to try the v3

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Just looking into our past content, @Blag recently did a livestream integrating email with WeWeb.io.

@JaredPastor - have you had a chance to look over bubble’s API Connector for integrating external APIs?

Hi @JaredPastor - just following up, were you able to get started with using Bubble and Nylas together?

Hey Ram,

I wasn’t able to figure it out fully yet. Bubble has a very simple API connector so I’m really hoping that someone in Fiverr can help figure it out.

Thanks for the update @JaredPastor and let us know if you have anymore questions while using the Nylas API :slight_smile:

@JaredPastor did you figure this one out? I am also using Bubble and have hit a api token exchange road block.


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