Help with Code/ Access Tokens Exchange

Hi guys, I am new here and would like to understand a couple of things in relation to the topic subject.

I am using the no code platform to run the application.

Looking at this document schema it appears I need a “client_secret” - which appears to be mandatory and I don’t seem to see where i get this from?

However in this documentation the json doesn’t have the secret, so I am a little confused (doesnt take much).

I have managed to retrieve the “code” I just need to exchange this for an access token… and this is where I am stuck.

ok, so “client_secret” is your API key… and you need to remember when testing the code expires each time (even when error) so you need to get a new one each time you run even the smallest request test.

I believe (hope) I have this sorted!

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@coreaspect thanks for reaching out and sharing that you’ve resolved the issue, we’ll take this feedback!

Let us know if you come across any other issues, happy to help :slight_smile: