Schedule Email through Nylas

I want to schedule email through nylas using send_at param for around 2 months later. As per documentation I need to set use_draft as true and that email will be stored in my draft for these two months until this email is sent. In Draft folder, how can I differentiate that which email is scheduled and which one is normal draft email??

Hi @Aman, thanks for reaching out!

I was taking a look at our developer docs, and do not see a straightforward way to different which drafts are scheduled or not.

Let me circle back if I hear anything from our engineering team, but it seems this is something that you may need to persist in your app logic.

Hi @aman - at the moment we do not have a way to associate scheduled messages with their associated drafts. I will ask the Eng team take a look at this, but this may not be something we address in the near future, I can follow up if this changes.