Events in Get Messages endpoint (v2 vs v3)


I am currently migrating my app from v2 to v3 and have noticed some differences. Specifically, in the v2 ‘Get messages’ endpoint, we were able to retrieve Event details for messages with event invites, and use the event ID to RSVP. However, the equivalent v3 endpoint no longer includes the Events property.

I was wondering if anyone has encountered a similar scenario and if there are any suggested workarounds for this issue?

Thank you,

Hello @Hernan Let me check with the team and will come back to you as soon as possible :wink:

@Hernan Could you please outline your case and the workflow you’re trying to accomplish? That would help us in determining the best way to help you out.

Hi Blag, thank you for your response. Currently, our app allows users to view event details when they receive an event invitation in their inbox. This is possible because the V2 GetMessages endpoint returns the event details as part of the Message object, including the event id, date, location, and participants. However, in V3 we do not receive any information about the event. We can tell the message has an event associated with it because it has an ics file attached. We could make an additional call to download the ics and parse it but wondering if there is another way.

The best way would be to have your users connect their calendars so you can get event details that way, but if you don’t want to do that then parsing the .ics file would be the best option :thinking:

Yes, forgot to mention we don’t use Nylas for calendar integration.

Ok, will give parsing the ics file a shot.

Thank you.

No worries, let me know if I can help you with anything else :slight_smile: