Invalid Nylas Token

Hello, I am trying to use the clean conversation endpoint to clean some messages but I am getting an error “Invalid Nylas Token” though I am using the correct url and my API Key from nylas dashboard.

I would really appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

Hi @backgroundbuddy, thanks for posting!

It seems you are using the Nylas API v2 endpoints with Nylas API v3 credentials. Take a look at the developer docs that shows the different endpoints.

We just shifted our API to v3, and we also released developer docs on clean conversations just recently!

thanks for the feedback @ram. I made the corrections and getting different error “Internal Server Error”

Hi @backgroundbuddy - let me take a look at this, but as a sanity check are you able to make a call to other endpoints, like the application details endpoint and receive a successful response:

curl --location '' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer NYLAS_API_KEY'

Hi @backgroundbuddy - just circling back to this, I just tested a fix on the clean conversations endpoint and it’s working.

Can you try and let us know if you are still having issues?